View of the Binnen-Amstel with the Blauwbrug in Amsterdam


View of the Binnen-Amstel with the Blauwbrug in Amsterdam

Northern Netherlands
Storck, J.
circa (2)

oil on canvas
topography, cityscape
painting schildering


This painting was returned to its rightful owner in 2003.
The SNK registered this painting as confiscated and contacted M.H.J. Hedeman-Joosten, J. Hedeman's cousin. In correspondence between M.H.J. Hedeman-Joosten and the SNK, Hedeman wrote as a P.S. on 19 September 1950: ''With regard to your query which quid pro quo Mr J. Hedeman received for these three paintings I can tell you that as far as I know he did not receive any. Incidentally, we only know that the painting Dutch School, 'View of the Magere Brug in Amsterdam' was handed in to the Liro and sold on 1 April 1943 to Amsler & R. for Hfl. 1,000.-. I am however not aware of who received the money, but it definitely was not Mr J. Hedeman.' The SNK responded in a letter dated 6 December 1950: 'With regard to the Dutch School painting, 'View of a City', I already notified you in my letter dated 12 September 1950 that I can recognise this piece as the former property of the late Mr Hedeman and his wife. According to the list provided to me by the firm Lippmann Rosenthal & Co., currently known as Liquidatie van Verwaltung Sarphatistraat , this piece was sold in Mr and Mrs Hedeman's name during the German occupation for Hfl. 1,000.- after it had been handed in to this institution. I am willing to give this work back to Mr and Mrs Hedeman's heirs if the Hfl. 1,000.- claim on the L.V.V.S. is ceded to my agency, in addition to a contribution for the general costs of the recuperation and management of this painting, to be paid to my agency, the sum of which is yet to be determined. I would therefore like to know whether Mr and Mrs Hedeman's heirs wish to have this painting returned under the above-mentioned conditions.' In letter dated 11 January 1951, M.H.J. Hedeman Joosten indicates that: 'we do not feel inclined to take back these paintings in exchange for ceding our claim on the L.V.V.S., nor do we wish to pay you the costs connected with the recuperation.' The SNK wrote on 15 January 1951: 'Occasioned by your letter of the 11th of this month, I hereby inform you that I will discard your claim on the paintings'.

Reconstruction origin history

Katz, D.
ICN inventariskaart; Archief SNK nr.438, 870
Kühne & Nagel
Hamburg (2)
This provenance is uncertain.
ICN inventariskaart; Archief SNK nr.438, 870
Hedeman en echtgenote, J.
ICN inventariskaart: archief SNK nr.149, 715, 870
Lippmann Rosenthal & Co.
Amsterdam (2)
Archief SNK nr.149, 715, 870
Amsler & Ruthardt
Archief SNK nr.149, 715


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