Origins Unknown Agency

Origins Unknown Agency

Origins Unknown Agency (BHG) was established by order of the Minister of Education in 1998. Following were the results from the pilot study into the state collection, the so-called Dutch Art Property (NK collection) conducted in 1997. In addition to investigating the NK collection BHG is engaged in various tasks relating to looted art.


Missing Works of Art

Beginning in 2015 there was started a new project. The goal of this project is digitizing and disseminating data and, where possible, to identify works that have been lost in the Netherlands during the war years. Ongoing research has already traced several important artifacts. The registration of missing art objects, consisting of approximately 15,000 claim forms and related material from the archives of the Netherlands Art Property Foundation (SNK), the basis for this project. The declaration forms and the images are scanned and the information is made accessible through a database. These data are made available through this website.


Other collections

Apart from the NK collection and the artifacts that are largely still missing, there are also works of art after the war auctioned by SNK or returned to the rightful owners. There is also a comprehensive administration of possessions at the Lippmann Rosenthal & Co. (LiRo) are returned. BHG aims to give as complete a picture as possible of the looted items during World War II and traded objects of art