Still life with fruit and dead fowl


Still life with fruit and dead fowl

Fyt, J.
second quarter 17th century, third quarter 17th century
1630 - 1661

oil on canvas
still life
painting schildering


In July 2007, it was decided to restitute this painting to its rightful owner.
On 21 July 1950, P. de Boer writes that he was assigned the painting on 21 March 1941 by Dr Van Cappellen and that he sold it to the Museum in Dresden in May 1941. After the war, Mr D. van Cappellen recognised this painting as his former property at an exhibition. He writes: 'Forced sale (together with 11 others) …Sold through art dealer P. de Boer, Amsterdam. Sold to generate funds to pay a fine imposed by Seys-Inquart.' The painting was recuperated and offered to Van Cappellen Sr. He, however did not use the opportunity to buy the painting back. In 1984, D. van Cappellen's son wrote to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with regard to the sale of, among other objects, this painting in 1941 to art dealership P. de Boer. A correspondence followed. On 13 February 1984, an overview of events was drawn up: 'Hergo recuperated the painting and offered it to Dr v. C. for Hfl. 6,000.- (1950). As it was only appraised for Hfl. 1,000.-, Dr v. C. refused. Hergo finds a use for the painting. V.C. junior is now sorry as the painting is currently worth more than Hfl. 6,000.-. However, he is bound to the decision of his legal predecessor.'

Reconstruction origin history

Cappellen, D. van
Amsterdam (2)
Archief SNK nr.138, 178; Archief kunsthandel P. de Boer
Boer, P. de
Amsterdam (2)
Received in consignment from D. van Cappellen.
Archief SNK nr.138, 178, 243, 435, 865, 790; Archief kunsthandel P. de Boer; Bundesarchiv Koblenz B323 nr.574
Posse, H.
Archief SNK nr.138, 178, 435, 865; Archief kunsthandel P. de Boer
Herbst, H.
Archief SNK nr.243
Hitler, A.
Archief SNK nr.865
Bundesarchiv Koblenz B323 nr.574